What is 212?

212 is our Middle School ministry (6th-8th grade). 212 degrees is the boiling point of water. We realize there isn’t much significance to water at 211 degrees, and the same for our students, we want them living and growing in their relationship with Jesus to the fullest extent. We want you to meet Jesus, because no one who has ever encountered Jesus and stayed the same.

What’s 212 Like?

On a typical Wednesday you will have time before the service to hang with friends and meet new ones.  Then you’ll worship together and hear a biblical message rooted in the Bible.  We finish everything up in small groups so you can join the conversation and ask questions. Bottom line, we love to have fun, but we want your to connect to a growing relationship with Jesus!

Are You New?

If this coming Wednesday is your first time at 212, we want 2 things to happen.  The first is that you have a great time. So much fun that you want to come back and bring your friends. The second is that we want to get to know you. Our leaders love meeting students and hearing about what’s going on in their lives. Every student has a story, and we want to hear it!  So come check it out; we can’t wait to hear your story!

What is DOXA?

Doxa is our High School ministry (9th-12th grade). Doxa is the Greek word for “glory,” and our goal is to create and have conversations that glorify God. We want to equip our students to engage the culture around them as Christians. This service has been specifically created with High School students living in this generation and this culture in mind.

What’s DOXA Like?

Every Wednesday at 6:45 PM we gather together and eat a meal provided by church members. After eating, a leader will teach through some Scripture intended to engage and challenge the students. which will then lead into a time of small group discussion. We’ll then gather back together for an open discussion and then close in prayer.

Are You New?

Our desire is to allow students the opportunity to dive deep into the Bible and wrestle with its truth. We have no shame in presenting the Gospel weekly to our students because it is the source that brings life (Rom 1:16). The Bible encourages people to seek, wrestle, and workout our faith in fear and trembling. Which is why we want Doxa to be a place where students will be equipped and where anyone is welcome, doubts are allowed, and questions are encouraged.

When and Where?

Statesboro: 212 and Doxa meet every Wednesday from 6:45-8:30 PM (1342 Cawana Rd).

Vidalia: We currently offer small groups for each school. Please stop by Next Steps on a Sunday for more information.


Have questions or are struggling in your faith? Bored and want something to do? Check out our RESOURCES page for valuable information to help you grow and mature in your faith. You will find reading plans, important websites, and information on things many people struggle with. You can also EMAIL US if you have any other questions.